Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Choir Practice - Week 0f July 4th

 Welcome to Saint Barbabas Chorus 

Choir Practice!

This week we will concentrate on

  1. Breath control
  2. Scales and Intervals
  3. Warm-up
  4. Repertoire

Announcements and Business Items

  1. This is our first week back after COVID-19 pandemic restrictions have been lifted. We are allowed to meet in church and sing with hymnals and prayer books IF we are vaccinated.
  2. Please offer any suggestions of pieces you would like the chorus to sing in church for upcoming services. Ideally, include a link to a Youtube recording similar to the style in which it should be sung. - send to stbarnabaschorus@gmail.com
  3. Please submit three best-times at which you can attend group choir practice, preferably on campus at the church, but also possible from home via Zoom.  - send to stbarnabaschorus@gmail.com
    For example:
    1. Saturday before Vespertina
    2. Friday after evening prayer
    3. Wednesday after Evening prayer

Breath Control

Watch this week's Breathing Technique video on Youtube:

Scales and Intervals

1. Watch this intro to Solfege


Every day BEFORE we sing, we want to warm-up to make sure we aren't hurting ourselves and to make sure singing is easy.

1. Warm-up EVERY TIME you are about to sing.
2. RELAX. Get rid of tension, do some easy stretching - nothing strenuous.

3. Do your weekly Breath Exercise for 2 minutes.
    a. Sit on the edge of a chair with your back straight (great posture)
    b. Pretend you are breathing through a straw. In your mouth, not a nostril ;-)
    c. Breath in until your stomach is pushed out.
    d. Hold for 15 seconds
    e. Release with a "TS" sound through your teeth, as slowly as you can until all your air is expended. 
4. Sing some Solfege Intervals along with this video: 

Repertoire: Amazing Grace

1. Hum along with this video : 

2. Now, keeping your voice unstrained and relaxed, sing the words along with this video. If you have to strain to get to a note, don't - hum it instead. We don't want to hurt your voice.

3. Now sing another version - think "smooth and round"

Extra Credit: PARTS

We offer our voices, our time, and our fellowship as a sacrifice of praise to our Lord God. Therefore, we commit to learning, practicing and refining our singing skills and techniques to perfect the offering we make. In Jesus' name, AMEN!


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