Saturday, January 18, 2020

Evensong and Anglican Chant

Now that we are working on the Nicene Creed, we have all the basic pieces of Evensong. Now we start polishing our music.

The bulk of the Evensong service is chanted. So now we are going to learn Anglican Chant. Unlike advanced forms of Gregorian or Plainchant, Anglican Chant relies on simple chords that the whole congregation can sing with little musical training.
Tuesday we will start expanding the simple chant pattern we use now to a fuller Anglican Chant, starting with single chant tunes.

I like to invite modern worshipers to embrace chant. If you look closely, the characteristics that make modern worship and praise songs so simple and uplifting share those characteristics with Anglican Chant. Try strumming the chords on a guitar while chanting - you'll see what I mean.

Chant adds a lot to my prayer time. I make my living writing and reviewing specs. "Reading" prayers easily becomes "skimming" prayers, which isn't an effective way to talk with God. Chanting the psalms helps me slow down and get focused on fully-present, undistracted time with God. 

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