Sunday, May 5, 2019

Formation Meeting - May 5, 2019 in the Fellowship Hall


Are you interested in supporting a

Please sign up using the contact form below if you would like to sing, or help us as a supporter or prayer partner to form a Choir at St. Barnabas.

Everyone welcome!

We need Singers, Supporters and Prayer Partners
Formation Meeting: Between the 8:00 AM and 10:15 AM Services
Sunday, May 5, 2019, in the Fellowship Hall

Choir Formation Meeting Agenda

What is the Vision for St. Barnabas Choir?
  1. ???
What is the Mission of St. Barnabas Choir?
  1. ???
What is our name?
  1. ???
What resources do we already have?
  1. Paul - Accompanist for Sunday 10:15 AM Service
  2. Accompanist sheet music
  3. Hymnals + electronic (PDFs) sheet music for rehearsals
  4. Organ and pianos
  5. 8 Choir Robes
  6. ???
What Roles/Resources do we need?
  1. Singers
  2. Supporters
  3. Prayer Partners
  4. Music Fund 
  5. Choir Stoles - nobody can find any in the church closets/storage
  6. Possibly new choir robes - we don’t have a selection of sizes
  7. ???
How can we fill the resources we lack?
  1. We have rights and software to convert PDFs of sheet music to midi files in Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass parts for rehearsal CDs / online access for practicing (distributed only to Choir members)
  2. We can use Zoom meetings for some online practice sessions for choir members who might have a hard time coming to the church other than Sunday
  3. We can make most practice material available through the church web site so members can use cell phones, tablets, and PCs to practice 
  4. ???
Who will commit to each of the roles we need?
  1. ???
When will we rehearse?
  1. ???
When will we launch the St. Barnabas Choir?
  1. ???

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